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Commissioning and application of rubber roller for printing presses


Commissioning and application of Rubber Roller for printing presses
Printing practitioners know that the height of the letterpress is 3.14mm, and the height of the type is the same, and the PS version of the relatively low 1.2mm, so in the installation and commissioning rubber roller must be aware of.If it is printed with an undertone, the rubber roller can be adjusted lower, error for ±0.5mm, so that the ink roller pass to the Printing Rubber Roller ink more evenly, and the printing rubber roller reflected in the printing plate on the same effect, printed products to make people pleasing, if not so, there will be ink, Monlchamus road and other phenomena.
In the printing text, the height of rubber roller and text version of the flat or slightly lower, so that the printing rubberroller gently rub plates, so that the text printing is very clear, clean, cots wear surface is not easy to damage, can extend the use of the printing plate.(Y7 S6 T.U ~% M3 I9 o0 X
Adjustment should be used when adjusting cots.Before using the printing plate out so that the level of the adjustment roller to pull out several times, the ink size of the adjustment roller immediately displayed, the operator can be based on the different needs of printing to determine the level of the printing cots, and then the top wire rope.This will not change the height of cots in high speed printing.
If we are in the use of rubber roller lack of patience, debugging the haste to save trouble, the following conditions will occur:
(A) The surface of the roller appears damaged, slag, so that the text printing is missing pen, the text is ambiguous, and even appear paste blind, slip gum phenomenon.
(B) The wording is different, and even the appearance of the printed surface only text marks but no ink color.
(C) If the cots are adjusted to the Rubber Rollers too tight, the printing cots will be twisted to cause economic losses and equipment accidents.
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