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Selection and maintenance of rubber roller winding Machine


oday, Jinan Power Rubber Roller Equipment Co., Ltd. teach you a few ways to select machines and maintenance
1 Roller Winding machine is the main difference between the size of the screw diameter, determine the diameter of rubber roller processing.
2 rubber roller and screw the pitch has a great relationship.
3 Rubber Rollers have two kinds of plastic package, flat and oblique package.
4 The adhesive quality of rubber roller has a great relationship with machine performance.
Rubber roller winding machine is mainly used for rubber roll winding molding equipment.It mainly solves the traditional quality defects in the production process of rubber roller, such as: rubber roller delamination, degumming, falling block, bubble, labor intensity, high production cost, low yield and so on.In recent years, rubber roll winding molding equipment has been widely used at home and abroad, the use of it should not only pay attention to its use, more importantly, pay attention to its maintenance.
Winter Roller Winding machine maintenance is very important, mainly on the various parts of the lubrication smear to do in place to prevent long-term working environment in the State of chemical rubber products such as the corrosive effect of ink.Cots winding machine should be in the shaft of the straight frame, and the surface do not contact each other or contact with other items, so that cots deformation.Also pay attention to the mechanical equipment of their own cleaning, to ensure that work after the work of the table and other parts to be cleaned up in time, wipe clean, do a run, two clean, three-life long use characteristics.Rubber roller winding machine to maintain a good ability to more long-term use, but also a responsibility for the production of safety performance.

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