Our company is a professional producer of the rubber boiler, whicn specifications are as follows:Diameter 1500 * Length 4000 mmMaterial: Q345RThickness of the vulcanizer: 8mmThickness of the end enclosure: 8mmDesigned pressure: 0.85mpaDesigned temperature: 180CAutomatic heating vulcanizer,
2022/05/09 15:49
According to the performance of rubber roller in printing, the quality of rubber is fundamental to the function and influence of printing rubber roller in printing. It can mainly control the following expressions of rubber roller in printing.N can separate ink in the form of uniform ink film,N
2022/01/24 12:11
1.Precautions:For unused rubber rollers or used rubber rollers that have been discontinued, keep them in the best condition according to the following conditions.Storage place① The room temperature is kept at 15-25°C (59-77°F), and the humidity is kept below 60%.② Store in a dark place out of
2022/01/24 12:11
1. The main difference of the covering machine is the size of the screw diameter, which determines the processing diameter of the rubber roller.2 .The rubber type of the rubber roller has a great relationship with the pitch of the screw.3 .There are two ways to encapsulate the rubber rollers, flat
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