The dampening rubber roller is a type of rubber roller that is commonly used in printing presses to help regulate the flow of ink onto the paper. These rollers are typically made by wrapping a layer of specialized rubber around a metal core and then treating the surface of the rubber with various
2023/05/16 17:39
Vulcanizing autoclaves are used by the rubber industry to convert natural rubber into a cured and cross-linked vulcanized rubber product. Vulcanizing autoclaves can also be used to cure plastics. Vulcanizing autoclaves use live internal steam, a mix of live steam and hot air, or hot-air only.
2023/02/10 15:35
Autoclaves are giant chambers that hire excessive pressures and temperatures to facilitate industrial processes. They are typically used to expose gear and substances to high-temperature saturated steam for decontamination or sterilization applications. However, they additionally have many 
2023/02/10 14:56
1. The PCM-8040 model is suitable for renewing Industrial Rubber Rollers.2. Removing old rubber by special ring cutter.3. Replacing the traditional sand-blasting and solvent washing process by advanced belt-grinding process.4. Perfectly keeping the original dynamic balance of the roller core.5.
2023/02/10 14:31
PCM Multi-Purpose Stripping Machine is particularly researched, developed and designed for treating old Rubber Rollers. PCM Multi-purpose Stripping Machine has the benefits that: Old rubber can be quickly eliminated by a distinct ring cutter, a roller core would have a brand-new floor under the 
2022/12/14 14:04
The function of PSM series grinding computer for rubber roller processing1. Standard gear of PSM series includes:a. a full flood recirculating coolant systemb. motorized tailstockc. variable velocity traverse and spindle drivesd. front and rear independently operated carriage tablese. a direct 
2022/12/14 15:36
A, the pressure between the rubber rollers is too heavy pressure between the rubber rollers will increase the friction between the rubber rollers, make the rubber rollers warm up and heat up, aggravate the squeeze expansion between the rubber rollers, accelerate the aging and deformation of the
2022/11/15 08:46
The correct way of storage is: wash the rubber roller with clean water, then seal it with plastic film, preferably not to let it contact with air, then put it in a special storage place, do not fall east and west, affecting its internal mechanical properties and the quality of the rubber surface.
2022/11/15 08:45
1. The function of the rubber vulcanizerThe rubber vulcanization tester (referred to as the vulcanizer) is used to analyze and measure the scorch time, positive vulcanization time, vulcanization rate, viscoelastic modulus and vulcanization flat period of the rubber vulcanization process. Research
2022/07/15 09:18
1. The first start after stopping for a long time should be carried out according to the requirements of the above-mentioned idling test and load test run. For the swing type discharge door, there are two bolts on both sides of the discharge door to prevent the discharge from opening when parked.
2022/07/15 09:14
1. Resistance to medium weight gain testThe finished product can be sampled, soaked in one or several selected media, weighed after a certain temperature and time, and the type of material can be inferred according to the weight change rate and the hardness change rate.For example, immersed in 100
2022/07/15 09:12
Introduction of rubber extruderRubber extruder is a basic equipment in the rubber industry and one of the key equipments affecting product quality. It plays a very important role in the production process of tires and rubber products. The development of foreign rubber extruders has experienced a
2022/07/15 09:07