Features of Rubber Steam Heating Vulcanizing Autoclave

2023/02/10 14:56

Autoclaves are giant chambers that hire excessive pressures and temperatures to facilitate industrial processes. They are typically used to expose gear and substances to high-temperature saturated steam for decontamination or sterilization applications. However, they additionally have many different uses, such as in vulcanization operations.

Vulcanization is a chemical technique utilized to rubber or different herbal compounds with elastomeric properties. Industry gurus use it to amplify the elasticity and reduce the plasticity of the material, ensuing in enhancements to many of its bodily and overall performance characteristics, such as resilience, tensile strength, viscosity, hardness, and weather resistance. Vulcanizing autoclaves—also acknowledged as vulcanizers—facilitate this process, enabling rubber producers to shortly and without difficulty convert herbal rubber and plastic into cured components and products.


Composed of five main systems: hydraulic system, air pressure system, vacuum system, steam system and automatic control system.

Triple interlock protection ensures the safety.

100% X-ray inspection to ensure product quality.

Fully automatic control, accurate temperature control and pressure, energy saving.