How to choose a rubber roller covering machine

2022/01/24 12:08

1. The main difference of the covering machine is the size of the screw diameter, which determines the processing diameter of the rubber roller.

2 .The rubber type of the rubber roller has a great relationship with the pitch of the screw.

3 .There are two ways to encapsulate the rubber rollers, flat and inclined.

4 .The encapsulation quality of the rubber roller has a great relationship with the performance of the machine.

Covering machine is mainly used for rubber roller winding forming equipment. It mainly solves the traditional quality shortcomings in the rubber roller production process, such as: rubber roller delaminating, degumming, lumps, bubbles, high labor intensity, high production cost, low output and other problems. In recent years, rubber roller winding forming equipment has been widely adopted at home and abroad. When using it, not only should pay attention to its use method, but more importantly, pay attention to its maintenance.

The maintenance of the covering machine in winter is very important. The main purpose is to lubricate each part in place to prevent the corrosion of chemical rubber products and other inks under long-term working conditions. The rubber roller winding machine should be erected straight at the shaft neck, and the surface should not touch each other or other objects to avoid deformation of the rubber roller. Also pay attention to the cleaning of the mechanical equipment itself, to ensure that the work surface and other parts after work must be cleaned and wiped clean in time to achieve the characteristics of onemoisturizing, two cleaning, and three guarantees of long life. The covering machine can be used for a longer time only if it is well maintained, and it is also a performance of responsibility for safe production.