Heating Vulcanizing Autoclave

2023/02/10 15:35

Vulcanizing autoclaves are used by the rubber industry to convert natural rubber into a cured and cross-linked vulcanized rubber product. Vulcanizing autoclaves can also be used to cure plastics. Vulcanizing autoclaves use live internal steam, a mix of live steam and hot air, or hot-air only. Vulcanizing autoclaves are used to cure tires, hoses, and many other products.

Hydraulic system of vulcanizing tank: cover closing, cover locking and other actions in the operation of vulcanizing tank are completed by the hydraulic system. Hydraulic system includes relevant control valve, hydraulic control check valve, oil cylinder, etc., excluding oil pump. The design of hydraulic system meets the requirements of driving force and speed.

Compressed air system of vulcanizing tank: the main function of compressed air system is to provide the power of pneumatic control valve and pneumatic cut-off valve. The air source is depressurized by a set of filter and pressure reducing purification device. Copper pipe is used for pipeline connection.

Steam pipeline system: the steam pipeline system shall refer to the drawings design and configuration provided by the manufacturer. The pipeline layout is reasonable, beautiful and convenient for operation and maintenance. Reliable pipeline connection.

Vacuum system of vulcanizing tank: used to control the vacuum absorption.

Control system: semi-automatic or full-automatic control system, including temperature control, pressure control, etc.