Use and Maintenance of Rubber Rollers

2022/11/15 08:46

A, the pressure between the rubber rollers is too heavy pressure between the rubber rollers will increase the friction between the rubber rollers, make the rubber rollers warm up and heat up, aggravate the squeeze expansion between the rubber rollers, accelerate the aging and deformation of the rubber rollers, accelerate the emulsification process of ink and water, which is not conducive to the transfer of ink.

The solution is: the pressure between the rubber rollers should be basically the same as the pressure of the contact layout. Experience is to use a 1500 silk, 3cm wide plug piece insert test between the rubber rollers, can feel a certain tight force on the line.

After scrubbing, wipe again with a clean cloth and then put the rollers on the machine for next use.

Second, the surface of the rubber roller crystallization treatment surface crystallization closed the surface of the rubber roller capillary pores, will make the rubber roller lose the role of pro-ink, resulting in the uneven transfer of ink, easy to emulsification of ink.

The solution is: remove the rubber roller from the machine, put it on the shelf, take the cloth ball sticky kerosene and pumice powder, rub the surface of the rubber roller evenly, wipe off the surface crystallization layer of the rubber roller, show the original rubber color of the rubber roller, then use the car wash water or gasoline to clean the kerosene and pumice powder left on the rubber roller, reinstall and adjust the pressure of the rubber roller.

Third, the maintenance of the bearings on the rubber roller in the high-speed operation of the machine, rubber roller bearing wear is very obvious, especially the operator usually pile of bearing maintenance cloth attention, that wear is more powerful. After the bearings of the rubber roller are damaged to a certain extent, it will produce the jumping friction and extrusion of the rubber roller, which will shorten the service life of the rubber roller. And will make to print out the product has "ink, water bar" phenomenon. So the operator is required to take down the rubber rollers every week, grease the bearings and replace those bearings which are worn out and rotate badly to ensure the normal use of the rubber rollers.

Fourth, the impact of the workshop environment heap rubber roller in the hot and humid weather and from the surrounding dusty environment production, the high-speed operation of the machine to the surface temperature of the rubber roller constantly rising, rubber roller in the heat expansion, increase the rubber roller friction, which will make the life of the rubber roller shortened.