Technical parameters of rubber roller and their effects on printing

2022/06/21 17:43

1. The quality of rubber

According to the performance of rubber roller in printing, the quality of rubber is fundamental to the function and influence of printing rubber roller in printing. It can mainly control the following expressions of rubber roller in printing.

 can separate ink in the form of uniform ink film,

 ensure smooth ink transfer

 forming ink accumulation to make up the inconsistency of ink caused by printing and conveying

 compensation geometric difference 3

 compensation and suppression of vibration

 control hot growth

's chemical compatibility to the press on the printer mainly includes: ink, moistening plate, cleaning and maintaining chemical.

 anti ozonation, aging, stable hardnes.

 good thermal and electrical conductivity

 good resiliency and resilience

 Resistance to wear and tear

2. The surface structure of the rubber roller

The surface roughness of rubber roller is very important technical indexes, it controls the performance of roller transfer ink and fountain solution. In general, the quality standard of surface roughness can be: roller surface roughness of 6 to 20 microns, and the surface roughness of the alcohol water roll is 4 to 10 microns, and some printing in order to increase the ability of water machine, water surface grinding roller more detailed, such as: the surface of alcohol dampening water roll in KOMORI presses on the roughness of 2 to 6 microns.

The surface roughness of roll in printing should pass the accurate measurement of the water and ink, to ensure the stability of water and ink, so as to ensure the stability of color printing, at the same time, the ink ink film to form uniform separation, ensure smooth